Tuesday, October 26, 2004

publishing old thoughts from my computer

I'm currently publishing my old thoughts, and I want to share them to the world,
there's archives dated 2001 to 2003, those are the greatest and memorable part
of my college life...

before, I though college was a bit rough, yes.. it is, but
the roughness is tolerable, and there's a hidden kindness in it,

Things change nowadays, I'm am a very different person as I where before,
I enjoy the bitterness of life, and I enjoy life much more, and I don't take them seriously,

My interests also shifts, before, I was really a computer maniac, now I'm more of a audiophile, loves music
and enjoy companionships and social relationships with friends.

The greatest lesson I've learned is, bear on, don't fret.. it's all going to be a ride of your life..........

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